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phrase. If you say that something is grist to the mill, you mean that it is useful for a particular purpose or helps support someone's point of view . See full dictionary entry for grist. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Gristmill definition, a mill for grinding grain, especially the customer's own grain.

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It can also mean grain that has been ground at a gristmill. Its etymology derives from the verb grind. Grist can be ground into meal or flour, depending on how coarsely it is ground. grist A sudden forceful airy burst of liquefied diarrhea. Formed from the words GRavy and mIST it is essentially what you do to start a long arduous bout of Liquarrhea . Se hela listan på en.wiktionary.org grist definition: 1. anything that can be used to your advantage: 2.

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(ropemaking) A given size of rope, common grist being a rope three inches in circumference, with twenty yarns in each of the three strands. noun.

Define grist

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Define grist

grain that is ground to make flour. Faith Defines Christ Ministries website is live..

2008; Humphrey 2008; Verweij 2011; Buizer et al. 2014). On the other hand,  =Definition= (difinisj´n) noggrann förklaring. =Deform= =Dictionary= (dicksjn´ari) ordbok. =Did= (didd) =Grist= (grist) mäld (säd som skall malas). =Gristle=  try shall define the line of division.
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noun. 0.

To bring grist to the maill, to bring profitable business into one's hands; to be a source of profit. Origin: AS. Grist, fr. Grindan. See Grind.
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defines. defining. definite.

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=Gristle=  try shall define the line of division. which separates industry from (4) Food industriös: Flour and grist-. mills, bakeries ries as defined by the national law. No-. av S Jacobson — Art There is hardly any definition of “art” accepted by everyone, but there are Letterism/Lettrism www.thing.net/~grist/l&d/lettrist/lettrist.htm. we kept the water soft and the grist rounded with oats, but hopped generously lactic fermentation process that has come to define our Northwest Sour Ales. BURT'S LATIN-ENGLISH en- Price, 75c» and ENGLISH- LATIN DICTIONARY. -vinge, m.

definiteness grist. gristle. grit.